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There’s always an appetizing reason to meet up

Get your friends, family, or colleagues together, or ask your date out. Moveat is a perfect daytime activity for any and all groups of people. Socialize while discovering a city through its food. At your own pace and with our app as your guide.

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A full-bread experience

One day. One city. Multiple, carefully selected taste sample stops. At a Moveat, you stroll around a city, discovering its intriguing restaurants, exquisite delis, cosy wine bars, and original eateries.

The daytime activity for everyone

Moveat is a social activity which takes about 4-5 hours and ends by the evening. It’s perfect for both those who wants to cut their night short and those who are looking for something to do before their nighttime plans.


Multiple taste sample stops

A Moveat has up to eight taste sample stops, which are carefully selected among local heroes of food and drinks. At each stop, you get one taste sample that represents the location. It can be anything from miniature fine dining to rustic street food. It can be a piece of flavourful cheese with a tasty pairing, or a delicious cake to go with your coffee.


Pick your pace and order

Visit each stop at the pace and in the order you prefer. In the app, you can see the menu of the day and plan your route. And you can change your route whenever, of course. Just let your mood and taste decide!

Have a taste of Sweden

Moveat finns i över 60 orter. I en del städer kan du boka våra evenemang en till två gånger per år. I andra städer erbjuder vi Moveats alla dagar, året runt.

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Everything begins with the app

The experience begins with the Moveat-app. In it, you can view upcoming Moveats and get your tickets, find out what taste sample stops are included, what will be served, and plan your personal route based on how you would like to eat your way through the day. After each Moveat, you get points, which gives you, for example, a discount on future tickets.


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