Loyalty points

We like you

Each Moveat you complete and each Moveat location you visit gives you points that take you one step closer to the next Moveat level. When you reach a new level, we celebrate you and you get a gift. Your points are calculated automatically and all you have to do is download the Moveat app, log in and register your tickets.

0 - 349 points


We are glad that you like to discover exciting food and drink! You are a Moveater and by going on more Moveats you are quickly on your way to the next level!

350 - 1249 points

Senior Moveater

Hurray! Now you have reached 350 points and thus become a Senior Moveater. To celebrate your success, we want to offer a Moveat ticket for your next purchase. Bring a food-loving friend and go 2 but only pay for 1.


moveat gåvaGo 2 - pay for 1

Over 1250 points

Master Moveater

Impressed! You have made a fantastic taste trip and we will celebrate it with pomp and circumstance! How about a luxurious hotel stay and Moveat experience for two in any Moveat city in Sweden?


moveat gåvaHotel accommodation and Moveat for two


How do I collect points?

Every Moveat you go to and every Moveat place you visit gives you points, but you can also earn points in other ways. You can read more about which Moveat activities you get points for in the Moveat app. To credit yourself with points from completed Moveats and visited places, you need to be logged in and have your tickets added under the tab Tickets in your Moveat app.

Where do I see my points?

You see your points in your Moveat app under the tab Profile. After a Moveat, it can take up to 48 hours before your points become visible in the app.

How do I get my gifts?

When you reach a new level, we will contact you within a couple of days via the email you use for your Moveat account.

Can I add previous tickets to the app?

Obvious! You can add an old ticket up to 3 months after the current Moveat event.

Do I get more points if I e.g. does my friend have a ticket in my app?

No, regardless of whether you have one or more tickets to the same Moveat in your app, you only get points corresponding to your own ticket. If you have other people's tickets in your app, you should therefore advise these people to add their tickets to each app, so that everyone in your party can credit Moveat points.