About us

A delicious bunch of dishes and a tasteful mood

It’s simple really. Great company, a social activity, and some tasty, wholesome food to keep your mood on top. That’s our recipe for a good time. And we deliver it in multitude. You’ll use our app as your user-friendly tour guide, and get just the right amount of service.

Our food journey

Moveat has been around since 2018, but our story began years before that. Our story’s recipe consists of three incredibly well-paired ingredients: tasty food, curious people and encounters that led us forward.


A late night in Manhattan

At a rooftop bar in New York in 2014, two friends and previous colleagues decided to meet up in connection to the Manhattan North Food Festival. This would become a defining moment for the future of Moveat. The two friends and previous colleagues were Charlotta Ranert and Simon Håkansson and, during this meeting, they realised that they wanted to be colleagues again, sometime in the future. With the two of them both having the same ambitions, experience from the tourism industry, and a passion for both sustainable food and meeting new people, it soon became a reality.

Analogue gone digital

Two years after the meeting in Manhattan, Charlotta launched a food tour in the south of Sweden called Madamilen (‘the food mile’). This was an analogue event with pre-printed maps and punching tickets, which attracted food loving people and guided them through taste sample stops and meetings with local restaurateurs. It got off to a great start and Madamilen was held in a bunch of cities, before Simon joined the enterprise and something new was created.

That’s how Madamilen became Moveat. The original concept of bringing food loving people and local restauranteurs together didn’t change, but a digital platform and an app was launched, providing new and improved opportunities.


Local gone national

With the new digital solution, it was easy scaling up the concept and taking the event to even more cities, and to continue to develop our offer, both in the eyes of our guests and our partners, i.e. the restauranteurs. Soon, Moveat had grown from a local food tour into a nationwide enterprise in Sweden.


Development in an uphill struggle

In March 2020, the entire world was changed. The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the world was a fact, and it came with restrictions that would affect the tourism industry as well as the restaurant business and, by that, Moveat. It could have been the beginning of the end. Instead, it became the beginning of something even bigger. Moveat decided to take a chance. For its own sake, but even more so to support the heroes within the Swedish restaurant business who helped us create Moveat.

That same year, we began a major development process and created some new concepts that were adjusted to the new and changed world. In April 2022, a new milestone was reached, as Moveat was launched in Norway. Our first step out onto the international stage, and towards being able to offer delicious taste sample experiences wherever you are.

A tastier world united by local food experiences

We believe in the power that food has to unite people and bride gaps between differences. We believe that major change begins locally. We believe that a small taste sample can lead to something much bigger. And we believe that the understanding and unity that it can contribute to is crucial in order to create a world that will stand strong in the face of the great challenges of today and tomorrow. Through positive and local food experiences and encounters, we expand people’s worlds.

Local commitment to global goals

We strive to make the least possible impact that we can on the environment, and to be a positive force in reaching the United Nations’ global sustainable development goals. As a part of both the restaurant business and the event industry, we have identified several ways in which we can contribute to a positive effect, based on locality. Both through our own enterprise, but also by making demands on partners, and helping our partners make sustainable choices, and by being an inspiration when it comes to sustainable eating. Here are some of the ways in which we try to do this.

Fewer and more sustainable single use items

We urge all our partners to use proper plates and glasses for our events. However, if necessary, we do have a great offer on a more sustainable type of single use items.

Always including vegan options

Vegan food is sustainable and climate-smart. That’s why all our taste sample stops at Moveat Originals offer vegan options.

In season

By eating ingredients that are in season and grown nearby, you get great taste while making less of an impact on the environment. That’s why we recommend all our partner venues to serve dishes made from ingredients that are in season.

Zero food waste

The food that is the worst for the environment is the food that gets thrown away. That is why we and our partners strive to reach zero waste, foremost by planning and preparing carefully before each Moveat.

Walking and wellness

Good food should also contribute to good health. That’s why we have combined food with a little bit of exercise, and so, you’ll be walking about 1.5-3 miles when attending a Moveat.