About us

Multiple courses – one great day

It's quite simple, really. Good company, something fun to do together, and delicious, authentic food to lift your spirits. That’s our basic recipe for a great time. There’s a few different packages, all via our simple app with some extra help from us.

Our own food trip

Moveat has been around since 2018, but our story begins before that. Our story is tied together by three main ingredients that marry well: the good food, the curious people and the meetings that took us forward.


A late night in Manhattan

On a rooftop bar in New York in 2014, two friends and former colleagues met in connection with the food festival North. A meeting that would be decisive for Moveat's future. That's when Charlotta Ranert and Simon Håkansson decided they would work together again. With common ambitions, experience from the hospitality industry and a passion for sustainable food and new meetings, it naturally became a reality.

Analog became digital

Two years after the meeting in Manhattan, Charlotta launched a food tour in southern Sweden - Madamilen. It was then an analog event with printed maps and cut cards that gathered people and guided them to tastings and meetings with local restaurant owners. It was a good start and the Madamilen was carried out in more cities, but when Simon Håkansson stepped into the business, something new was formed.

Madamilen became Moveat. The basic idea of ​​bringing together curious people and local food heroes remained unchanged, but now a digital platform and an app were launched that created new conditions.


Local became national

With the digital solution, it was easier to scale up the concept, take it to more cities and continue to develop the offer for both participants and local food operators. In a short time, Moveat grew from a local food tour to being present in cities all over Sweden.


The development step in headwinds

In March 2020, the conditions for an entire world changed. The Covid 19 pandemic challenged the hospitality industry and Moveat. It could have been the beginning of the end, but instead became the beginning of something even bigger. Moveat decided to bet. Not least to be able to support the country's food heroes who helped create the Moveat experiences.

In the same year new concepts, adapted to the changed reality, were developed. In April 2022, it was time for a new milestone when Moveat launched the concept in Norway. A first step out into the world and towards being able to offer good local taste experiences regardless of where you are.

A better world united by local food experiences

We believe in the power of food to unite by bridging differences and bringing people together. We believe that big changes start locally. We believe in how the small sample can contribute to something bigger. And we believe that the understanding and unity it contributes to is crucial to creating a world that stands on the podium for today's and tomorrow's great challenges. Through positive local food experiences and discoveries, we expand our worlds and those of others.

Local commitment, global goals

We’re aware of our environmental footprint and want to contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. As part of both the food and the event industries, we believe we can be a positive influence in our localities. We adjust our own operations to contribute to the goals, and work with our partners to help them make sustainable choices and promote sustainable eating. Here’s some examples:

Fewer and better disposables

We encourage all our partners to use porcelain and glass. For times when that’s not possible, we help source disposable items that are biodegradable or otherwise sustainable.

There’s always a vegan option

Eating more plant-based food is generally a climate-conscious choice, so our tasting stops always offer vegan options.

In season

By eating seasonal local produce, we get the best possible flavours and reduce our climate impact. That’s why we encourage our partners to use as many in-season ingredients as they can.

No food waste

The worst food for the environment is the food that goes uneaten, so we work with our partners towards zero food waste. Proper planning and preparation for every Moveat tour is key.

Movement for well-being

Good food should also be able to contribute to good health. That is why we connect food and movement. During a Moveat you walk about 3-5 kilometers.