Taste Stockholm

Discover Stockholm through food

Do you also think that food is the key to the heart of the place? Then Moveat Anytime is perfect for experiencing Stockholm beyond the usual sights. Explore freely at your own pace, guided by your own curiosity, good smells and our app. Food and the day's steps are included.

Get a taste of life in Stockholm

Be part of the pulse of the city. Through the app, we guide you to many of the locals' own favorites and hidden gems. It's a perfect way to criss-cross the city in 4-5 hours, discovering things on your own and taking detours when you spot something that appeals.

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4-6 stops included

The app takes you to carefully selected local taste stops that you visit at your own pace and in any order. Come along to everything from exciting restaurants and fragrant delis to cozy wine bars, original crawl-ins and of course; to the city's best spots for the Swedish coffee break fika. Each stop offers a taste portion and all food is included in the ticket.

Get your ticket

7 days a week

Moveat Anytime is available every day and is normally completed in one afternoon. All you have to do is choose which Moveat you want to go, buy your ticket and gather your party, if you want to. Then just start following the flavor tracks through the city! Remember that you must buy your ticket no later than 24 hours before your Moveat.

Upcoming Moveats in Stockholm